so apparently I live under a rock...

Ok, I’ll admit it; it’s one of my favorite shows. And yes, I watched several episodes of Grey's Anatomy while writing the last post… but for research only, I swear.

Here's the funny (or really pathetic) thing, though. About 6 hours after I posted "grazed anatomy," my friend sent me a link to the video displayed below. She assumed my title was a reference to the MadTV spoof from a few months ago... nope. So apparently I'm not as cool and witty as I thought. Oh well. I tried.

But even if this video crushed my hopes and dreams (or maybe just dented my ego), it definitely has something to offer. It's smart. It's funny. And a lot of the points they make are valid. Watch it once and laugh (you need to be a fan of both Grey's Anatomy and House to get a lot of the references), but then take a step back and watch it a second time, but now with some critical analysis. See certain themes cropping up? Heteronormativity? Hegemony? Misogyny? Hmmm... makes you think doesn't it.

Still... curse you MadTV for preemptively stealing my thunder. Curse you. Enjoy!

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